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This is a meeting point for investors, companies and contractors comitted with climate change mitigation

Our mission is to induce investors and companies to contribute to climate change mitigation by enabling collaboration, shared learning and creating business opportunities


Commit your company today for a better future

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5 Steps to commit your company with climate change mitigation

Adapting business models to climate change will take time, but it is critically important to start and get on the learning curve or companies risk falling permanently behind.


Environmental disruption is happening and accelerating. This change is putting business reputation, customer loyalty and employee trust at risk. It is also clear that governments, lenders and investors will increasingly connect stimulus measures, funding and investment to cleaner and greener business models.


Short term (2021)

Measure your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions (Note 1)


Understand your energy consumption and productivity (Note 2)


No investments possible at the moment: Increase efficiency whenever possible, thereby reducing GHG emissions and operating costs.


Investments possible: Explore alternative technologies, analyse different investment in increased energy efficiency, and rank investments in absolute terms and ROI/payback time.


Medium Term (2030)

Commit publicly to the goal of making your organisation a Net-Zero GHG Emissions business by end 2030, or at least set an ambitious milestone of the level of reduction you want to achieve by that date.


Make yourself truly accountable

Certify your GHG emission reduction or elimination efforts with an external body (Note 3)


Publish the results in your business’s mainstream reports (e.g. annual reports and accounts, 10-K filing, or integrated report) for the benefit of investors & lenders


Make Significant Organisational Changes Now

Commit to buying 100% renewable electricity from your supplier, at the latest by 2030 (Note 4)

If you are a significant energy user, commit to directly sourcing at least 50% of that renewable electricity from new energy infrastructure

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The 5 Steps in Impact Investment

Find a Project


Calculate possible economical returns and impact achievments.


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Verify your impact


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